Prior and Nomar and Woody..Oh My!

Cubs 5 Cardinals 4

Oh boy is this great!!! 3 of 4 from the Cardinals. Prior looked good, no bad innings. Although he did not have any 1-2-3 innings, he still pitched VERY well. Nomar is looking very good, hitting over .370 since his return, 3-4 tonight and was in the middle of all of the scoring chances. We will not talk about the 9th. Woody, WOW did he look great. 2 scoreless innings, that was awesome. I have not been on the Kerry Wood for closer bandwagon, but now I am beginning to wonder. Mr. Morgan brought up the fact that hitters hate hitting against Wood....well in my book that is a closer and with the way he looked tonight, at one point a 99 mph fastball, who knows. Can he do it again tomorrow? Who would have thought at the beginning of the year Prior and Wood would pitch in the same game? Not me!!

Macias did it again, 2 run single...just when you thought end of inning, ball goes up the middle and the Cubs were up again by 2. CPat also had a homerun. You almost question, is that a curse or a blessing? The LAST THING this team needs is for him to be swinging for the fences again. Worry about that later....

Was that fair or foul. ESPN could not show a good angle on the ball, but Mr. Morgan thought is was foul, so I quess that is good enough. Please somebody stop Joe Morgan.

Lee must have taken batting practice today. Although I thought he hit the ball well, just right at their defense. 14 total hits against the Cardinals pitching. Take it and go to Houston...

Monday - Houston, TX

Glendon Rusch(5-4/3.98) vs. Wandy Rodriguez(7-5/6.18)

You want 'em, you got 'em. I remember around this time last year, the Cubs were leading the Wild Card race and if the Cubs could have taken the series from the Astros in Chicago, the Astros season would just about have been over. Well, the Astros took the series, got hot and won the Wild Card. I think it is time for the roles to be reversed. The Cubs got help this weekend from the Pirates, who shut-out the Astros the past 2 days. The Cubs are 6.5 out, a 3 game sweep and some help from other teams, would be a great way to start this road trip.

Rusch is a better starter than reliever and this could work to the Cubs advantage. Everyone knows this is a big game and series. It is important to get the first win and keep them down. No extra outs...and NO WALKS.

...just win!!


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Go Cubbies!


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