Deja Vu

Cubs 2 Cardinals 5

I think we have seen this team WAY TO MANY TIMES this year. Bone-head defense, zero clutch hitting, walks, walks and more walks. Everytime the Cardinals scored today was because of a lead-off walk. What is the problem with throwing a pitch over that big white thing right below the catcher's glove. GIVE ME A BREAK. Jerome Williams threw well enough to win today, except for the walks. Career high in strikeouts. But like I stated yesterday...NO EXTRA OUTS. What is ARam thinking?....on the first run of the game, he should have went around the horn...5 steps is way to many to take, then he makes a great catch, with the bases loaded, tags third and throws VERY wild to Lee, run scored. There is no way 1 person is going to get this team out of the hole they put themselves in. They need to take their time and PLAY THEIR GAME. Do not try to force something that is not there. BE A TEAM. TRUST YOUR TEAMMATES. I think DLee is getting hot again. That could take some of the pressure these guys have put on themselves away. Lee seems to be a leader by example, if he gets going again. Who knows?

Sunday - Mark Prior(7-4/3.65) vs. Matt Morris(12-4/3.65)

Great, we get to listen to Joe Morgan?!?!?!

The Cubs got to Morris the last time in St. Louis, hopefully they can do it again. Morris has cooled down after the start he had before the All-Star break. Prior has to stay away from the big inning. It cost him the last time against the Cards with the 3 homers in the first. The guys need to shake off today and get in front first. Scoring first will allow these guys to play their game. Just relax and take a deep breath. DLee continue to stay out of the cage...stay as far away as possible. The Cubs can win tomorrow, take the series and head to Houston feeling good about themselves....

Forget about it...and just win!!


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