This Is A Simple Game...

Cubs 0 Mets 2

...You Throw the Ball, You Hit the Ball and You Catch the Ball...well 2 out of 3..gets you beat. The offense was a non-factor, but Maddux pitched well enough to win. I think that the above statement sums up the entire year. Seems to me, 2 out of 3 has been present all year and I guess now that results in a 2 game below .500 record.

Again messages to Dusty, GIVE DLEE A DAY OFF and PLAY MATT MURTON. Why can't they try this kid in center. What do you have to lose? 5 in a row? I like the outfield of Lawton, Murton and Burnitz...try it, you might like it.

The Mets....it really hurts to see them lose to the Mets...hopefully tomorrow will bring a win and get out of New York...blah, blah, blah.

Sunday - Carlos Zambrano(8-4/3.24) vs. Victor Zambrano(5-9/4.19)

"Let's BEAT The Mets, BEAT The Mets, Step Right Up and BEAT The Mets". Hopefully Big Z will show up and shut the door on the Mets, end this losing streak and get home and continue winning.

Magic number still at 39....


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