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Cubs 2 Reds 8

O.K., Rich Hill showed me up again. What an unbelievable 4th. Just when you though it could not get any worse...BAM! a 7 run 4th. I will get back to Rich Hill. As a pitching staff today, 10 BASE-ON-BALLS, 10...that is...horrible. Did the umps start the Reds with a 1-1 count? I know 2 were intentional, but come on.

Rich Hill will be a VERY GOOD major league pitcher, I just hope it is with the Cubs. He has the stuff, I am beginning to wonder if they pulled him up to soon. As far as the rest of the pitching staff, what the.... Has anybody thought about Michael Barrett's game calling? It seems to me Woody, Prior and Zambrano were all better in '03? Yes, they were younger..but they seemed better. Was that because they were winning? or Was that Damian Miller? I know the Cubs were not happy with Miller's offense, so they got Barrett. But did they sacrifice the pitching staff? Did these pitchers get worse overnight? I do not think so. So could it be the catcher? Miller has done well for the Brewers? Discuss among yourselves...

8 in a row, 6 games under .500(season worst), 19 games out of first place and 7 out of the Wild Card race...did I get it all?

The Matt Murton experiment as a lead-off hitter did not work today, maybe down the road. I have said it all year, these guys need a LEAD-OFF HITTER. It is amazing DLee has as many RBI's as he does with the OBP these guys have. Note to Jim Hendry: Find a lead-off guy in the off season...does the name Johnny Damon ring any bells??? The guys need to relax and play the way they can....get out of the quicksand.

Thursday - The St. Louis Cardinals (or The 2nd Evil Empire)

Greg Maddux(8-9/4.57) vs. Mark Mulder(13-5/3.79)

I CANNOT STAND THIS TEAM...I wish they would go away. I have two favorite teams...the Cubs and whoever is playing the Cardinals. I said earlier in the week, the Cubs needed a 5-2 homestand, now they just need to win this series. Hopefully Maddux can shut the door and the wind is not blowing out.

Go get 'em guys, what else do you have to lose?


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