Back to the Future

Cubs 4 Reds 9

It was anniversary night at Wrigley, 17 years ago tonight they turned on the lights, August 8, 1988. In some ways it seems like yesterday, but in someways it seems like the lights have always been on. I remember that game, and if memory serves me, that game was never finished. They restarted the next night. If I am wrong, someone please correct me.. Damon Berryhill, I think hit the first homerun under the lights.

Tonight was also '70's night at the old ballpark and I will tell you the Big Red Machine came in and looked great. It was nice to see Bench, Rose, Perez, Morgan(we will talk about him later), Griffey and Concepcion hit the ball the way they did....hold on wrong decade...I must be confused...that's right it is 2005, not 1975...but it sure did seem like it tonight.

I have been saying for the past couple of years, if the Reds could get some pitching, that offense is VERY scary and tonight they proved it.

Claussen shut the doors on the Cubs, two hits over 7 innings of shut out ball. If this kid could get some consistency, look out...he has the goods and showed it tonight. Please do not get me wrong, with the way the Cubs were hitting before the 9th inning, slow pitch softball might have been a challenge.

It was nice to see Nomar get the 9th started with a hit and to see DLee get one as well. Lee is struggling, over the past 10 games, he is not even at the Mendoza line. NOT GOOD, GIVE HIM A DAY OFF. Matt Murton, 1-3 with a walk, run scored and RBI. This kid has the goods. Look for him in Spring Training, cannot miss the red hair. Burnie did a fine job in center, maybe this outfield will work. The grapevine is saying CPat will be up by the weekend for the Cardinals, so this could all change.

Build on the 9th....

Tuesday - Mark Prior(7-4/3.64) vs. Aaron Herang(7-10/3.90)

Mr. Prior has to shut the door on the Reds, the season is hanging on by a thin thread. Maybe the nice sunshine will wake the offense up. Mix up the line-up again, try Murton 2nd and Walker 6th. Murton seems to be VERY patient and could get on base for the big boys. The would put Walker behind Nomar and give him some protection. Walker is a very good hitter, just not in the 2 slot.

No more magic number...just go win a game!


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