"Mr. Hendry, Can the Cubs Come Out and Play?"

Cubs 3 Reds 8

...Knock, Knock...Who's there? Not the Cubs offense that's for sure. The Big Red Machine strikes again. I thought Mark Prior pitched better than he has in his last three starts, just no run support and no leather. Hey guys, if you are not bringing the wood, you better bring the leather. Two runs on two errors..NOT GOOD. Who would have thought in Spring Training with the way Nomar was hitting that we would be saying 'Nomar hit his first home run of the season today', on August 9th. That sums up a lot. I thought CPat did well today, seemed a little bit 'less selfish'. I really thought the guys would do better today with Prior on the mound.

It was VERY disappointing to hear how Aramis Ramirez treated his pop-up to right field. Pat Hughes said he only made it about 40' down the line and was carrying his bat. After that Ron Santo said, 'Does he not want to play?'. I feel that sums up what the guys have been doing through this seven game losing streek, the 3rd of the season. They are just showing up. No emotion, no drive and no pride. Mr. Hendry or Mr. Baker MUST shake things up, close the doors and yell, spit, curse...whatever it takes to wake these guys up. Start issuing fines for taking plays off, not running out plays..etc. Hit these guys where it counts...in the POCKETBOOK. Set rules and follow them. Do not let the inmates run the asylum! Appoint a team captain, make him accountable. This year might be gone, but continuing to ignore and not admit there is a problem is going to affect this team for many years to come. There is to much young talent on this team and in the organization not to be competitive for MANY YEARS to come. This organization has the talent to become what the Atlanta Braves have been for the past 14 years. WINNERS, NOT LOSERS.


Wednesday - Rich Hill(0-1/7.00) vs. Eric Milton(5-12-6.75)

Curve..baby..curve. Hill has to be the stopper tomorrow. Going into a series with the Cardinals on a losing streak, could be season ending. Milton is a VERY good pitcher, he has just lost it this year. The guys MUST get on Milton and not let up. Let's do not forget the one-hitter he threw last year when he was still with the Phillies. Nomar, DLee and ARAM have to come through tomorrow.



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