There Is No Crying In Baseball

Cubs 1 Mets 6

..Well after tonight there should be. When a big league team gives away extra outs, this is what happens. Big Z did everything he could, with the defense that is behind him, I am supprised he made it that long. Dusty has to quit playing Macias in centerfield, I know the team is banged up, CPat is in Iowa and he thinks this is his best option. But it is not. Macias and company showed the national television audience that you can run on the Cubs outfield. NOT GOOD. This Met team is not the '86 Mets and although the offense made Glavine, Seo and Zambrano look like Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz, it is not. Unless the outfield is changed, teams will continue to run. I know Dusty is a players manager and will not sit guys when they are slumping, but like Hendry said today 'time is running out'. Try something new.

Here is what I see. On the active roster the following players are listed as outfielders:

3 Jeromy Burnitz
28 Todd Hollandsworth
50 Matt Lawton
19 Matt Murton

First off, let me state the obvious JOSE MACIAS is not listed above, please do not use him again in the outfield. If you do please petition the league to use a right center fielder and a left center fielder, like in softball, the guy is AN INFIELDER.

Todd Hollandsworth has done well off the bench and in sub roles, continue to use him as that, not a starter. After that you have Burnie, Matt Lawton and Matt Murton. I know Lawton is coming off of knee surgery, that is fine leave him in left and to me Burnie has done a great job in right this year, leave him. That leaves Matt Murton. This kid is young and dumb, use that to your advantage, he wants to play, what is the worse that can happen, a guy can advance to second base on a routine fly out to center or a guy can score from first base on a hit and run grounder to center field.

All I can say is mix it up. What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing twice and expecting different results.

Monday - Sweet Home Chicago vs. the Reds

Jerome Williams (3-4/4.60) vs. Brandon Claussen (6-8/4.85)

Claussen is a good young pitcher, just not consistant. I saw him earlier in the year in Cincy and he was VERY good. Hopefully the offense will step it up. I was nice to see Nomar get a couple of hits, maybe this homestand will be good for him.

The way I look at it, this season hangs on the next week worth of games. Three at home against the Reds and with that offense anything can happen. And then four against the 'wonderful' Cardinals. This homestand needs to be 5-2 at worst, with a trip to Houston on the 15th.

Guys do not mail this in...none of the fans have...BELIEVE...magic number is 39.


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