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Thank you to everyone that has logged in to read my opinion over the past few months. I am proud to say that I will no longer be posting on this blog.

My new site is up and I have begun to post. I took all of the info from here and linked into my new site.

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The Countdown Has Begun....

Sorry I have been so quiet. I am very close to having the new site up and that has been taking all of my time.

Everything is looking great and I am hoping to be up by the weekend.

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Dusty's Boys Will Be Back

The Cubs announced today the entire coaching staff will return for 2006, including pitching coach Larry Rothschild.

Rothschild apparently turned down the opportunity to go to Detroit to be reunited with Manager Jim Leyland. Rothschild says 'he owes Chicago to bring home a winner'. I hope he means that. He will retain most of his starting staff from 2005 (Prior, Zambrano, Maddux and hopefully Kerry Wood). Plus a more experienced bullpen. Let's hope they have more success and better health in 2006.

All of the coaches signed a 1 year deal and 2006 is the last year on the current contract for Dusty Baker. The Cubs coaching staff for 2006: Dusty Baker, Juan Lopez (Bullpen Coach), Dick Pole (Bench Coach), Gary Matthews, Sr. (First Base Coach), Larry Rothschild (Pitching Coach), Gene Clines (Hitting Coach), Chris Spier (Third Base Coach) and Sonny Jackson (Special Assistant).

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How You Became A Cubs Fan?

As I work on my new site...I have a question for all of the fans of the Northside. How did you become a Cubs fan? Leave a comment. I will tell my story soon and would like to include yours. Even if you are a 1st time visitor or a regular, I want to hear from you. Send this link to a friend, tell a co-worker...whatever...I wanna know how you became a fan of our beloved Cubs and a member of the Cubs Faithful.

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Under Construction

I have been working on my new site and I am excited about launching it VERY SOON. With the season just ending, I feel this is the right time to be switching over. Keep coming here for updates as they break.

One thing that came out today is Larry Rothschild, the Cubs' pitching coach has been given permission to talk to the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers fired Manager Alan Trammel on Monday and hired former Pirates and Marlins' manager Jim Leyland. Leyland and Rothschild were together in Florida when the Marlins won the World Series in 1997.

I have mixed feelings about this. What has been happening the past 2 seasons on the Northside has not worked and change is necessary. I do not know if Rothschild needs to stay or go. We(the fans) keep hearing how good the Cubs' pitching staff is...and I have not seen it in 2 years. Even in 2003 when they won the division, everytime Dusty had to go to the bullpen...it was hold your breath time and hope no one blows it. Is this coaching or talent?

I look in Atlanta and see great pitching year after year and the only constant is Leo Mazzone. It seems to me pitchers go to Atlanta and become VERY good (Farnsworth, Millwood, Hampton, Wright, etc.) and when they leave Atlanta they become either average or below average (Glavine, Millwood, Merker, Remlinger, Wright, etc). Would a new pitching coach on the Northside help these young pitchers, that we have heard so much about, reach their full potential? Somebody help me with this one.

Also, my wife says I should be happy for the White Sox (and their fans) for winning their 1st post season series since 1917 today.

Keep on keeping on...new site is coming soon...178 days until Opening Day 2006.


The 'B' Word

(Note: added 10/29/05 for updated Cubs info visit Chicago Cubs Online)

I was listening to the Angels-Yankees game tonight on ESPN radio. And there was a play where a fan almost interfered with a ball near the seats in the left field foul area. Does this sound familiar? The Angels' outfielder made the catch...then Dave Campbell blurts out 'That was almost like Steve Bartman'.

Almost like Steve Bartman??? Will the Cubs Faithful ever get a break from that horrible night? I said it the day after and I will say it 2 years later...Bartman did not cost the Cubs the game...he changed it. I think Alou would have caught the ball..no doubt. But Alex Gonzalez should have turned the double-play. He did not. The Cubs still had game 7. And they lost.

I did not sleep that night. That moment in time kept playing in my head. I remember looking at my wife and saying '5 more outs', then all (blank) broke loose. I still get sick when I think of what could have been. I still root for the team playing the Marlins.

One day all of the curses and goats and Steve Bartman will be erased. The Red Sox got rid of their's last year. Now there is hope for the Cubs Faithful.

It is amazing how the mention of one person's name can bring back such bad memories.



(Note: added 10/29/05 for updated Cubs info visit Chicago Cubs Online)

I was not planning on doing a blog today....I was going to take a day off. I have been getting a lot of searches on 2 signs that are on the rooftops on Sheffield Ave.

These 2 signs are 'AC026198' and 'EAMUS CATULI!'.

I have done research on these 2 signs that have become a fixture of Wrigley Field. Here is what they stand for and a translation.

The 'AC' sign is operated by Lakeview Baseball Club. The 'AC' stands for 'After Championship' the first 2 numbers (02) are the number of years since the Cubs won the division(2003). The second 2 numbers (61) are the number of years since the Cubs were in the World Series or were National League Champions(1945). The third set of numbers (98) are the number of years since the Cubs won the World Series(1908). Let's all hope in next year it reads 'AC000000'.

The 'EAMUS CATULI!' has been translated several different ways. It is Latin and most think it says 'Let's Go Cubs!'. The actual translation(from Latin) is 'Let's Go Young Bears!'.

Keep on reading and there will be a picture and a more in depth explanation on the new site...it's coming soon...are you ready?