"Now There Is Hope!"

"Now There Is Hope!" This is a phrase that has been sticking with me since last October. For all of us (fans) out there, we all know what this means. I do not know if this is a phrase for Cubs fans or for just life in general...but we shall see.

Now back to the game.


Zambrano pitched his usual great game tonight. Pitch for pitch with Padilla. Four hits over eight, shutout ball. Thankfully the "good" Zambrano showed his face. Ramirez(ARam) came through in the clutch..again. Thankfully they pitched to him, 2 iw's for Derrek Lee. And Dempster supplied us with another heartattack, but he got out of the jam.

Hopefully with Williamson and Wood coming back on Friday, this will ease the bullpen woes. I still think Dempster is the best choice as closer. I like this guy, he is "wacky" enough to be effective. Although I will say, whoever stole his bicycle, PLESE GIVE IT BACK. It seems like he has been struggling since it was stolen....just put it behind his house, let yourself out, and millons of fans will say 'thank you' at once.

I would also like to say, 'Welcome to Chicago Matt Lawton'. 2 for 5 in his Cub debut, with a run scored (he started the 8th) is not bad. One of these days, Pittsburgh will not answer a single phone call from Jim Hendry(and he got cash).

Wednesday - Jerome Williams(3-4/4.61) vs. Robinson Tejeda (2-2/2.95)

I read somewhere over the weekend the Cubs need to go 40-17 to get in the playoffs. Well there is #1, 39 to go...let's all believe.


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