How Bizarre?!?!?

Cubs 3 Phillies 4

Just when you thought this season could not get any stranger....here comes the passed ball..I still do not understand what Barrett was thinking. Anyway...they should really look at not using Remlinger anymore. He has become VERY uneffective. I think a dfa would be good as this point, especially with Williamson and Wood coming back on Friday.

It was great to see Hollandsworth come through off the bench. I think that is the best place for him...pinch hit.

I do have two words "PLAY MURTON". This kid came up short today in the pinch hit role, but I really think there is something there. Can he play center? That is the big question. I do not like the idea of a Murton/Lawton platoon, if that is the case "Why make the trade?"

I also think DLee needs a day off....play Walker at first and Neifi at second...and give Cedeno A LOT more time..again something special in that kid as well.

Thursday- Mark Prior(7-3/3.26) vs. Brett Myers(9-5/3.21)

Can they win the series? Hopefully the bats will wake up and Mr. Prior will pitch better than his last 2 outings....magic number still at 39....


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