Is There Anybody Out There?

I have been noticing over the past few days the hits on this site have increased. I am VERY pleased about this. However, I started doing this for several reasons and one is comments. I would enjoy talking sports and our beloved Cubs with anyone interested. Your comments are welcome.

I have a passion for Cubs baseball and I hope you do too. Continue to log in and...

Let's Get Some Runs!!!


At 8/17/2005 06:10:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

how about that sweep of the cubs by the Reds? What's up with that? Can you tell me the only NL pitcher to pitch a no hitter on a Friday night game when the moon is 3/4 Full?

Red Legger

At 8/17/2005 07:21:00 PM, Blogger Neil said...

Like I've said, that Reds offense is very dangerous. If they had a pitching staff, they would be in the running for the wild card. A couple of key additions to the pitching staff in the offseason could make this team a contender in '06. As far as the only NL pitcher to throw a no-hitter on a Friday night with the moon 3/4 full, I think it was Moonlight Graham, back in the 30's...I will check...keep those comments coming.


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