A Rocket for the Ages

Cubs 1 Astros 3

The extra outs killed the Cubs today. In the 6th and 7th innings, Williams got the ground ball he needed to get out of the inning and the infield could not turn the double play. Both of those plays cost the Cubs 2 runs and the game. Clemens did not have a good game. He threw a lot of pitches(101) in 7 innings. But the Rocket on a bad day is better than 90% of the league on a good day. For the 6th start in a row, Williams received little run support while throwing a very good game. Williams will be back next year and he could compete for a 4th spot in the rotation.

Milo Hamilton and Alan Ashby are just horrible. At one point today, they both said how bad of a pitcher Jerome Williams is and they did not understand why the Astros were having such a hard time with him. Did they not do their show prep? There have been many occasions this year when Pat Hughes and Ron Santo could have said the same...and they did not...to much class!! Hamilton may be a Hall of Fame Broadcaster, but he needs to retire...he is so hard to follow and Alan Ashby is worse. Jerome Williams has had a up and down season, but has been very good of late. I hope Williams beats the Astros everytime he faces them next year...you better believe when he does, I will bring this up again.

The offense was just sad today. They did not do the little things that you need against Clemens. Thankfully with 1 game left, I should not have to hear 'Neifi pops up to (insert position here)' or 'Neifi out at 1st...double play'. He has been a good player this year, but he is not an everyday shortstop anymore and if you play him...do not hit him in the 2 hole. Neifi grounded into 2 dp's today. Lee went 0 for 2 with 2 walks. He should win the batting title(Derrek Lee .337, Albert Pujols .330)...I just hope he can get 1 more hit and please make it a double. He is a hit and and extra base hit away from history(will explain tomorrow, if he gets it).

With today's loss, the Cubs are now 3 games under .500 and the best they can finish is 80-82. Another losing season on the Northside...but next year will be different. Today they made a step in the right direction by signing Ryan Dempster to a 3 year contract extension.

Ryan Dempster signed a 3 year, $15.5 million contract extension. He is locked up through 2008.
According to cubs.com Dempster, who began the year in the Cubs' rotation and made six starts, leads the National League in save percentage at .943 and has been successful in 33 of 35 opportunities.

The Last Game of 2005

Sunday - Greg Maddux(13-14/4.18) vs. Roy Oswalt(19-12/2.86)

Maddux is going for pride tomorrow and the Astros are playing for a playoff spot. Oswalt has been tough on the Cubs for years...and expect more of the same tomorrow. Like today, Sunday's game will be a tough one to win. Runs will come at a premium against Oswalt and the Cubs will have to play a near perfect game in order to win. I do not know which would be better...a win to finish the season or a loss. With a win, the team could go into the offseason feeling good about themselves. With a loss, they could be very hungry during the offseason to correct what went wrong. Who knows? I just hope this is the last below .500 season for a LONG LONG TIME.

Be patient, no extra outs, DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO CELEBRATE!!!...keep horrible Milo and Alan quiet and beat the (blankin') Astros!!!


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