Comeback In Houston

Cubs 4 Astros 3

How many times have we heard this...the bullpen could not hold the lead...Cubs lose. BUT NOT TONIGHT. Tonight it was the Astros' pen that blew the ballgame. The Cubs came back in the 9th to win the game.

Roberto Novoa has had a good year, but not tonight. After Zambrano had left the game in the 8th, the Cubs were ahead 2-1. Novoa gave up a 2 run blast, opposite field to Lance Berkman and Big Z did not get his 15th win. Zambrano had a good outing. He threw a lot of pitches 115. Zambrano's pitch count really concerns me for the future. Carlos has been the best pitcher on the Cubs' staff the past 2 years and I would hate to see him go the way of Prior and Wood. Z finished the night giving up 1 run on 4 hits and throwing 9 strike outs. Zambrano has had a GREAT YEAR...hopefully he can continue in 2006.

But back to the ballgame...in the 9th the Cubs were down 3-2 and Murton led off the 9th with a single. (MATT MURTON HAS TO MAKE THIS TEAM NEXT YEAR) Burnie singled, Murton to 3rd. Barrett doubled to tie the game. Patterson got a fielder's choice and Todd Walker came off the bench to drive in the winning run. UNBELIEVABLE!!! This was a great comeback. I thought it was over when Lidge came in...but boy was I wrong. Novoa gets the win and Dempster gets number 33. The Cubs are now 9-5 on the year against the Astros. The Cubs won the season series against the Astros and the Cardinals...can anyone out there explain that to me?

Derrek Lee got 1 hit closer to 200, he is in the top 10 in 16 offensive categories in the National League. AMAZING!! Any other year or maybe if the Cubs had a winning record...he would be the MVP. Theriot got his 1st career double, Barrett had a good night...I am SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW. The Phillies won, so the Astros are only up by 1. The Cubs are within 2 games of .500 and ANDY PETTITTE HAS NEVER BEATEN THE CHICAGO CUBS in 6 career starts. Gotta Love It!!! No Champagne For You!!

Saturday - Jerome Williams(6-9/4.28) vs. Roger Clemens(12-8/1.89)

O.K. my excitement might be short lived. The Rocket will go tomorrow for the Astros. Williams will have to pitch his best game of the year to beat Clemens. Williams is 2-2 with a 2.10 ERA in five starts in September and he will have to be better than that tomorrow. Clemens has had a tremendous year and is VERY tough to beat. This will be Clemens' 1st start since September 19th. The Cubs must not give the Astros any extra outs and play a near perfect game. Small ball is the key tomorrow. Sac bunts, sac flys...whatever it takes. Lee is only 1 away from 200 and wouldn't that be nice against Clemens.

Play smart, play small, keep Hamilton and Ashby quiet...and beat the (blankin') Astros!!!


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