Nine Times

Cubs 6 Brewers 7

ROONEY "If the Cubs think they'll coast through these last 10 games, they're sorely mistaken."
JOYCE: "This is all news to me."
ROONEY: "So far this year alone, they've lost against the Brewers nine times, including today."
JOYCE: "Nine times?"

Yes, nine times. With today's loss the Cubs have lost the season series to the Brewers for the 1st time since 2002 and the all time series is now even at 61 and 61. I would like to know who's bright idea it was to move the Brewers from the American League to the National League. Just another reason to dislike Bud Selig.

Mark Prior did everything he could to give the Cubs a win tonight. Prior went 6 innings and gave up 3 runs on 6 hits and struck out 10. He left for a pinch hitter in the 7th and the Cubs were in line to get the victory. Prior even drove in the first 2 runs the Cubs scored tonight. The offense was not the problem.

Everytime the offense fought back to tie or take the lead, the (blankin') bullpen would give up he lead in the next half inning. Burnie, DLee and Nomar all had a good game...Patterson even had 2 hits, yes 2 HITS, but he was picked off 1st after one hit and thrown out at 2nd on the second. The Cubs kept fighting tonight but they could not get past the Brewers offense.

Like I said yesterday, the losing season to the Brewers...blows my mind. I really do not understand how they can beat the best team in the National League and lose to the team up I-94. When Baker and Hendry sit down to review what needs improvement for next year, they must point to the Brewers (and the other sub-par teams) a championship caliber team should beat. From where I am sitting, the 2005 Cubs play to the level of their competition. Until that philosophy is changed the Cubbies will continue to be a sub .500 team themselves.

With tonight's loss the Cubs drop to 4 games under .500 with only 10 games left. The dream of reaching .500 again this season...is that just a dream.

Dusty needs to play all the kids. Try Murton in the lead off spot. He has a very high OBP and who knows how he will react. I know Murton is not very fast, but who cares. The objective of a lead off hitter is to get on base so the RBI guys can knock them in. I can only imagine how many RBI's Derrek Lee would have if Patterson had not been hitting lead off for half of the season. Try Ryan Theriot. The Cubs brought him up, see what he has got. Like Murton he seems very patient at the plate. Give McClain more at bats. What about Nomar at 2nd base? Mix it up!!! This year's team is broken...try to fix it for 2006!!!

Thursday - Greg Maddux(12-13/4.31) vs. Rick Helling(2-0/2.19)

Maddux is 11-3 with a 2.29 ERA in his career vs. the Brewers and tomorrow he needs number 12 to have a shot a 15. Maddux must go 7-8 innings for the Cubs to have a shot at the win. The bullpen is young and after 151 games very overworked. DLee and company must bring the lumber and get on these guys early. In the first 2 games of this series, the Brewers have scored first.

Mix it up...and win one for Maddog!!!


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