Put Away The Broom

Cubs 3 Brewers 0

First I was right about Scott McClain and yesterday I was right about Maddux...Dusty whenever you want to add me to the payroll, leave a comment and I will get back with you A.S.A.P.

Greg Maddux pitched a GREAT game. He went 8 innings, giving up only 4 hits and NO RUNS. NO RUNS... and he threw only 78 pitches. I really hope Prior was watching today and took very good notes. Maddux gave the Cubs everything they needed and Dempster finished them off to get his 29th save. The game only lasted 2 hours and 19 AWESOME minutes. Win today's win Maddux is now only 2 away from 15.

The offense did fine and with the way Maddux was throwing today, 3 runs was more than enough. Neifi had a good day. He went 3 for 4 with and RBI and a run scored. Neifi was also involved in a bizarre play.

In the 5th inning, Barrett was on 3rd and Neifi was on first after a single. Helling kept throwing over to 1st to keep Neifi close. He kept throwing and throwing. Several times both Neifi and Gary Mathews asked the 1st base umpire if Helling was committing a balk. Finally, Helling threw one wide of 1st, Neifi went all the way to 3rd and Barrett scored easily. I do not remember how many times Helling threw over, but even the Brewers' fans were starting to 'boo'. I have never heard a play like this...

Today's win helped the Cubs get back to 3 games under and prevented the 2nd sweep in Brewtown this year. Time to go back down I-94....

The Houston Astros

Friday - Glendon Rusch(7-8/4.59) vs. Wandy Rodrigues(10-8/5.43)

Friday starts the last homestand of the season. The Astros are in for the weekend and then the Pirates. The Astros are leading the Wild Card race and wouldn't it be nice for the Cubs to spoil the October plans of the (blankin') Astros. Rusch will get the ball in the opener and I hope the Glendon Rusch of the last month shows up. Rusch is 2-0 in September with a 3.20 ERA. He has been pitching better and needs to keep it up to give the Cubs a chance to win. A short game for Rusch will result in a loss. They must keep the ball out of the hands of the long relievers. Wandy Rodriquez has had a up and down season, but he beat the Cubs in August. Rodriquez is a fine young pitcher, just not consistant. The Cubs are 5-4 against the Astros this year, win number 6 would be real nice. At least I do not have to listen to Milo Hamilton and Alan Ashby tomorrow.

Be patient, score first...and get number 6!!!


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