Maddux's Streak Is Over

Cubs 3 Pirates 5

Tonight was an end to an era in Chicago. Greg Maddux's pursuit of 18 consecutive seasons with at least 15 wins ended tonight. For the second time this season Maddux threw a complete game and lost. Maddux pitched a fine game and deserved to win, he made one bad pitch to Jason Bay in the 5th inning, a 3 run homer, and it cost him a chance at history.

Greg Maddux has had a remarkable career, we will not go into that. I hope he returns for 2006. I am not a sentimental person. It was time for Sosa to go...but I do not think it is time for Maddux. I would like to see Maddux be on the winning end of a season in Chicago. He has been a great Cub and I hope he goes into the Hall with a 'C' on his hat, not the 'A' he wore for to many years. Greg Maddux is an Everyday Joe. He does not look like an athlete, but he is one of the best of all time. The Cubs let him go once...I hope they do not make that mistake again.

Nomar tried to give him the win. Nomar went deep for a 2 run homer in the 3rd. DLee got another hit and is still 10 points ahead of Pujols. So there is still hope for that one. Ryan Theriot did score a run tonight, but ended up 0-4. The ad in the Trib should read, 'Wanted A Leadoff Hitter...Apply Within'. The Cubs have to fix this in the offseason.

The Cubs announced today that Aramis Ramirez, Jerry Hariston Jr. and Todd Walker will likely miss the rest of the season. I think with only 5 games left...likely is more like...definite.

With tonight's loss, the Cubs drop to 3 games under .500. I have been hoping for a better end to the season....but I guess this year will end like so many of the others. How many days until Spring Training?

Wednesday - Mark Prior(11-6/3.73) vs. Paul Maholm(2-1/2.08)

Mark Prior will make his last start of the season tomorrow. He needs to finish the season with a win. Prior has had a lot of success against the Pirates and should continue that success tomorrow. Mahlom is a rookie and patience at the plate could result in a win. The Cubs are 12-4 this year against the Bucs and number 13 would look very good. Wednesday is the last home game of the season and the Cubs announcers will call the game from the bleachers, weather permitting....ala Harry Caray....please do not let them sing too.

Be patient, have fun....and beat the Bucs!!!


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