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I have been working on my new site and I am excited about launching it VERY SOON. With the season just ending, I feel this is the right time to be switching over. Keep coming here for updates as they break.

One thing that came out today is Larry Rothschild, the Cubs' pitching coach has been given permission to talk to the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers fired Manager Alan Trammel on Monday and hired former Pirates and Marlins' manager Jim Leyland. Leyland and Rothschild were together in Florida when the Marlins won the World Series in 1997.

I have mixed feelings about this. What has been happening the past 2 seasons on the Northside has not worked and change is necessary. I do not know if Rothschild needs to stay or go. We(the fans) keep hearing how good the Cubs' pitching staff is...and I have not seen it in 2 years. Even in 2003 when they won the division, everytime Dusty had to go to the bullpen...it was hold your breath time and hope no one blows it. Is this coaching or talent?

I look in Atlanta and see great pitching year after year and the only constant is Leo Mazzone. It seems to me pitchers go to Atlanta and become VERY good (Farnsworth, Millwood, Hampton, Wright, etc.) and when they leave Atlanta they become either average or below average (Glavine, Millwood, Merker, Remlinger, Wright, etc). Would a new pitching coach on the Northside help these young pitchers, that we have heard so much about, reach their full potential? Somebody help me with this one.

Also, my wife says I should be happy for the White Sox (and their fans) for winning their 1st post season series since 1917 today.

Keep on keeping on...new site is coming soon...178 days until Opening Day 2006.


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