Will The Real Glendon Rusch Please Step Forward?

Cubs 5 Cardinals 2

Glendon Rusch threw one of the best games of his career tonight. Rusch actually had a Perfect Game going through the first 6 innings. David Eckstein led off the 7th with a single up the middle and the thought of the 'perfecto' was over.

Those out there that did not see or hear this game missed something very special. Not only was a Cub pitcher throwing this well, but it was a Cub pitcher against the (blank) Cardinals. IT WAS GREAT!! I just wish I could have heard Ron Santo.

Derek Lee, Nomar, Neifi and Patterson supplied all the offense the Cubs needed. DLee actually hit his 40th homer on his 30th birthday. And the Cubs pounded out 13 hits against a very good Cardinals staff. The bullpen did it's job and Dempster recorded his 23 save.

This was a very good game and I think there will be more like this in '06!

Wednesday - Greg Maddux(11-11/4.41) vs. Mark Mulder(15-6/3.62)

The Cubs play their last game in 'Old' Busch Stadium tomorrow. The Cubs won the first game they ever played there and hopefully they can finish the way they started. Maddux will have his hands full with this line-up, but he needs the win to have a shot at 15. Mulder is one of the best pitchers in the league and after losing his last game against the Cubs will be hard to beat tomorrow. A win tomorrow will bring the Cubs to within 3 games of .500, and most importantly win the series against the Cards.

Be patient and...just win!!


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