Nightmare on Clark and Addison

Cubs 6 Dodgers 9

Too little to late. The Cubbies got down 6 runs in the second inning and could never bounce back. Jerome Williams pitched as bad tonight as he has pitched all year. Williams is only 24 years old and will have great years for the Cubs...just not tonight. The defense was shaky to start and they just simply could not get the six runs back.

Burnie hit 2 homers tonight and added a double. Nomar had a good night with a home run. And my boy Scott McClain had a big RBI in the 8th inning. The Cubs actually had the tying runs on in the 8th and Perez grounded out to end the inning. Williamson came out of the pen and gave up a big home run in the 9th...and the Dodgers put it out of reach. This has been the repeating story of the 2005 team. Inconsistant pitching, lack of clutch hitting and when the offense starts to battle back, the bullpen gives up extra runs to put the game out of touch.

I did hear several things today that will make next year better.

The Cubs actually announced today that Kerry Wood will have his shoulder surgery on Wednesday, ending his season. I think this is a very positive move and one that should get him into Spring Training on time. Woody apparently talked with Rick Sutcliffe before tonight's game and Sutcliffe asked him when he came back would he be a starter or a reliever and Kerry's response was he 'just wants to come back and be good at something'. Although that does not sound good, I take it as positive. From that statement I take it that Kerry is tired of being hurt and tired of hurting. He wants to come back and be the pitcher he is capable of being and do what it takes for him and the Cubs to win. This is good...no ego. Also, the Cubs training staff will be changing and giving Aramis Ramirez an off-season work out schedule to strengthen his legs to keep the injuries from happening next year. This is the 2nd year in a row Ramirez has had to be shut down for quad problems. And Derrek Lee...

It is a shame that Derrek will not be awarded for the great year he has had. And has anyone noticed he is the only Cub to wear a 'Believe' bracelet? He was interviewed before tonight's game about the Triple Crown and he could only mention that 'the game is about winning..the most important thing is for this club to finish above .500 with a winning record and all of the other stuff will take care of itself'. Where can the Cubs find more like this guy? He is a throwback to the players I grew up watching. Derrek Lee will probably not win this year's MVP, but he is one...and that is more important.

Tuesday - Mark Prior(9-5/3.68) vs. Brad Penny(6-8/3.75)

The Cubs offense will have their hands full with Brad Penny. He is a very good pitcher, just on a bad team. The Cubs will call up Matt Murton tomorrow to replace Kerry Wood on the roster. The Cubs need to play Murton and Cedeno. This is the future. Do not be surprised if some of the veterans like Todd Walker, Todd Hollandsworth, Neifi Perez, Glendon Rusch and even Greg Maddux, yes Greg Maddux get a new address this week. Teams have until August 31st to set their playoff rosters and the contenders will be looking to add veteran players. It has been a couple of years since the Cubs have been through this. The Cubs organization is preparing for next year...I hope Dusty is too.

Play the future...and just win one!


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