If It Is Not Broken...

Cubs 0 Dodgers 7

Do Not Try To Fix It! The line-up was changed today and none of the young Cubs got to play. Dusty needs to realize this year is now about preparing for next year. Johnny B. sat Cedeno and Murton in favor of Perez and Patterson.

Neifi Perez has been a very solid player this year for the Cubs and without him the Cubs record would be worse than it is. At this time in Neifi's career, he is just a back-up. Perez is not an everyday player anymore, but someone good to have on your bench. Cedeno is a very good prospect with his entire career in front of him. He has shown progress everytime the Cubs have brought him up this year. Not playing Cedeno everyday is not going to allow him to grow.

Corey Patterson's games with the Cubs are down to 29. I do not see him returning next year. Corey needs a change and the Cubs need to provide it. Matt Murton has shown he is a better hitter and team player, at this point, than Corey Patterson. Patterson needs to sit and allow Murton to play and get very valuable experience. Hariston is not a left fielder, the Cubs need to leave Hariston in center and allow Murton to mature as well.

Glendon Rusch was horrible. I did not realize he had become the batting practice pitcher for the Dodgers. 7 runs on 7 hits in 2 innings. Bring back Rich Hill. Rusch needs to go back to the bullpen where he can get spot outs when necessary. He is not a starter and should not be in the future plans of the Cubs. I cannot believe how bad he was...

The offense got one hit today and made Derek Lowe look like Sandy Koufax. When they got down today, all the vets had no reason to try. This is another reason Dusty should play the young guys...they want to prove something. And if they do not, they just answered a big question.

The bullpen did come in and hold the Dodgers. Jermaine Van Buren made his major league debut and in 2 innings only allowed 1 hit and struck out 2. Very good sign.

Thursday - Off Day

The Cubs get an off day before heading on a ten game road trip. There are 3 stops on this trip in 3 different time zones. Friday starts a 3 game set with the Pirates before heading to St. Louis and San Francisco. Hopefully the calendar change will be good for the Cubs. The Cubs were 9-19 in August.

Friday - The Pittsburgh Pirates

Greg Maddux(10-11/4.43) vs. Josh Fogg(6-9/4.90)

The Cubs make their last trip of the season to Pittsburgh. The Pirates have been playing better ball lately and will give the Cubs all they can handle. The Pirates are very young, but are getting better as the season goes on. The Cubs took 3 out of 4 in mid-July and should do it again. Dusty has to play Murton, Cedeno and Co. to have success. The September call-ups should be interesting and will Todd Walker be traded? We will all find out...

If you do not give them experience, how will they get it?

Play 'em...and win one!!


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