Gotta Love It!!

Cubs 5 Cardinals 3

Yes, this has been a disappointing year (one I kinda expected, will discuss in 2 weeks). But anytime the Cubs beat the Cardinals is a GREAT DAY. The walls could be coming down around me and it would not matter because the CUBS BEAT THE CARDINALS. With today's win, the Cubs have WON THE SEASON SERIES against the CARDINALS. Can you tell I am very happy? There are still 2 games left against the Redbirds, so I will hold back.

Glendon Rusch pitched very good today. He got the Cubs into the 7th inning with the lead and earned the win. Rusch went 6 2/3 innings and gave up 3 runs on 7 hits. A quality start. Wuertz and Novoa held the Cards in check and Dempster picked up his 28th save. The pitching staff as a whole did their job for the offense.

Burnie is the one that stepped up today. Jeromy Burnitz went 2 for 3 with 3 RBI's and a run scored. His 2 run single gave the Cubs the lead. DLee hit his 44th homer in the 1st inning and Walker, Nomar and Murton came through as well. Murton came in after Hariston was ejected for arguing balls and strikes and scored on the Burnitz single. CPat even had a hit today. The Cubs beat Matt Morris for the 4th time in a row. The offense was hot on a cool day in Chicago.

While I was listening to the game, I further realized how much I enjoy Pat Hughes and Ron Santo. Hughes delivers a solid play-by-play and Santo...well...is just being a Cubs fan. It is great to hear him yell at the team when they make a bonehead play. Santo is not the greatest of announcers, like Harry Caray, but he is so enjoyable to listen to. If Santo was not announcing the games, he would still be yelling at the radio or tv. Santo would be trying to tell the guys what to do or not to do. How many of you have done that? I have. And that is what makes Ron Santo priceless.

Just when I thought the Cubbies were going through the motions, they play like this...who knows what will happen tomorrow?

Saturday - Greg Maddux(12-12/4.22) vs. Mark Mulder(15-7/3.51)

Maddux has beaten Mulder in their last 2 matchups. Can Maddux do it again? To have a shot at 15, he must. Maddux has been pitching like the old 'Maddog' in his last few starts, so if the offense can do their job, he has a shot. Lee got help today and will need it tomorrow. Who will it be? Murton? Burnie? Nomar? Could McClain get a start? Maybe Blanco? A win tomorrow would put the Cubs to within a game of .500. LaRussa said today, even though the Cards clinched the division last night, he will not allow the team to celebrate until they win. From this Cubs fan...please do not allow them to celebrate at Wrigley.

Be patient, bring the bats, have fun...and just beat those Birds!!!


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