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I found this info on the web to help prove my point about Ronny Cedeno and Matt Murton.

Here is the Cubs' record with Murton playing:
- 17-14 .548 in games he's played (89-73 projected)
- 11-8 .579 in games he's started (94-68 projected)

Here is the Cubs' record with Cedeno playing:
- 13-26 in games he's played (54-108 projected)
- 8-11 in games started (68-94 projected)

However, the Cubs are 5-5 .500 in games where Murton & Cedeno start...they are hardly hurting the team while learning to play at the Major League level and no worse than the seasoned veterans, considering the sub .500 record.

Here is the good news. The Cubs are now 4-2 (.667 win %) with Murton and Cedeno in the lineup since Murton was recalled to fill Ramirez's roster spot. The Cubs are 5-1 (.833 win %) in games Murton has played since returning and they're 6-3 (.667 win %) in games played by Cedeno since he returned on August 26th.

There are the numbers...and we all know numbers do not lie...I will keep you posted on this.

SOURCE: Yahoo Sports game log statistics for Murton & Cedeno.


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