The House of Cain

Cubs 1 Giants 2

The Giants rookie pitcher Matt Cain shut the Cubs down tonight. Cain gave up only 1 hit, a homerun to Derek Lee(41) over the first 8 innings. Hariston added the 2nd Cub hit in the 9th and I can see why the Giants are so high on this guy. Cain out pitched Jerome Williams, who only allowed 2 runs, 1 earned in 7 innings. Williams on any other night would have won this game. Williams had a quality start, one I hope he can build on for the rest of the season.

This was a very quick game, just under 2 1/2 hours. Quality starting pitching and not much offense. Williams gave up 7 hits and the error by Neifi Perez cost the Cubs the win.

Dusty scratched Cedeno from the starting lineup, and I do not know why...yet. Cedeno was posted as the starter, I hope he is not hurt. Cedeno has been playing better than Neifi of late and Dusty would be better off with Cedeno in the lineup. Could Cedeno have made the play? We will never know...but Dusty has to put the best players on the field. PERIOD.

Patterson went hitless again tonight and after last night's pick-off at first base, what can he provide the Cubs with for the rest of the season? Like Cedeno, Dusty needs to play Murton as often as possible to give the Cubs a chance to win. Murton was on base 3 times last night, I do not remember the last time I can say that about Patterson.

After tonight's game, I am going to continue to be on the Cedeno/Muton bandwagon. I really feel these guys are doing a better job than Perez and Patterson. With the tying run on 1st base in the 9th tonight, Neifi swung at the 1st pitch (from a rookie) and popped it straight up. Why is a veteran doing this? A veteran should know to make a rookie work to earn the win. Neifi just gift wrapped it.

The Cubs did not play bad tonight, they just did not play the right guys. Let the vets sit...play the kids and finish above .500. A future star just won tonight...

Saturday - Mark Prior(10-5/3.69) vs. Brad Hennessey(4-6/4.96)

Mark Prior is losing his hold as the 'ace' of the Cubs staff and he needs to remind us how he earned that title tomorrow. The Giants still have hopes of the playoffs and with Bonds coming back, who knows what can happen in the NL West. Blanco should catch tomorrow's game, which will help. Hennessey is a right hander, so who knows if Cedeno and Murton will play. The Cubs can beat the Giants with Prior on the mound. The Cubs should show a little more patience at the plate tomorrow, go deep in the count and make the pitcher work. There were entirely to many 1st pitch swings tonight. The Cubs can still leave the bay 1 game under.

Play the kids, be patient...and just win.


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